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Updated: May 10, 2021

Prof Benson delivers the track Social Media Platform Analytics and Behavioral Modeling

Social Media Platform Analytics and Behavioral Modeling

Recently, social media platforms for e-commerce are popular for users or companies. The amount of data or behaviour on social media are huge and accumulated continuously. The power on social media platforms reveals deep meanings; for example, photos, videos, emotions, or microblogs. The meaning of words, photos, or icons is not just the way it has. The sentiment and behaviour behind social media platforms has influence and impact on e-commerce. Enterprises attempt to employ social media platforms to implement e-commerce and increase profits. By using the advantages of social media platforms, enterprises have lots of opportunities to increase the success of e-commerce businesses. Social-commerce is gradually emerged on account of practical circumstances and the necessity of business operation. Social commerce also is regarded as an important combination of social computing technologies and the rising social platforms in an online situation that have deep impact in shaping commercial channels on and off the Internet. Certain disciplines also cover the scope of social media such as psychology, computer science, communication, management, marketing, and social science. The purpose of this minitrack is to discuss the impact of social media platforms on business in terms of customer, enterprise, and society perspectives. Besides, this minitrack also aims to figure out the critical factors and relations of social media platforms, commerce, and customer behaviors on e-commerce business.