Our Projects

The Cyber Security Innovation (CSI) Centre has a number of collaborative projects, led by award-winning and renowned academics in the field of Cyber Security. Below is a list of UKRI-EU funded projects .

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Digital Education for developing cybersecurity skills (£400,000)

This funding from the WMCA is for an upskilling programme in cybersecurity.  The Digital education project will be delivered by academics in CSI Centre in close collaboration with employers, recruiters, UK Cyber Security Council and the Ethnic Minority in Cyber (EMiC) network. The eight-month programme of bootcamps will help close the skills gap in cyber security in the West Midlands.

Jul2022- Mar2023


European Commission CyberAdventure​ Project

This 36 month project is worth,  €281,650.00 Led by Aston Business School, a consortium of SMEs and educators across Europe aims to use gamification in cyber security knowledge acquisition

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European Commission Strategic Partnerships project Adventure in AI

European Commission €346,232.00 project Adventure in AI  focuses on Gamification in building trusted AI for 36 months. Professor Vladlena Benson and Dr Panagiotis Petridis lead the consortium of partners from Spain, Portugal, Greece and Poland developing a gamified learning solution.


INNOVATE UK  - Synthetic Crypto currency Fraud Simulator  phase 1

Synthetic Crypto currency Fraud Simulator project is worth 32,000.00, working with the UK LEAS to enhance their capacity in detecting, tracing, confiscating and recovering illicit money flows.

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