The Cyber Security Innovation Research Centre

The Cyber Security Innovation (CSI) Centre at Aston, established in 2020, brings together stakeholders from industry, government and leading cyber security research institutions with the aim to deliver industry-aligned research outcomes. CSI members include globally-recognised academics undertaking research projects that have impact and address real-world cyber security challenges through innovative solutions.

The CSI Director, Professor Vladlena Benson, is joined by Dr Donato Masi (Deputy Director) and the Senior Management team leading in research issues, increasing the scope of research operations, and developing strategic directions of research in coordination with the industry and government stakeholders. The scope of the international Cyber Security & Innovation Centre is to strategically manage operations and build effective relationships across academia, industry and policy makers.

The Centre is addressing profoundly multifaceted challenge that is cyber security by linking academics in information security, corporate governance, risk management, linguistics, criminology, intelligence, law and psychology together with cyber security experts from industry and government.

Our research activities ensure the protection of the global economies critical infrastructure, assure Secure by Design principles adoption and security of connected supply chains of ICT systems.


The Cyber Security Innovation centre forms a network of academic, business and government leaders:

  • Providing expertise and leadership in cyber security regarding technology, governance, policies and  human factors;

  • Offering a platform for exchange between academics and practitioners from business and government;

  • Conducting cross-cutting research across several disciplines in the field of privacy, victimisation, organisational resilience, cyber physical systems security, cyber security risk management, trusted artificial intelligence and human-centric security;

  • Training the next generation of cyber security specialists as well as raising awareness among our leaders and developing the skills of the existing workforce.

The Cyber Security & Innovation Centre aims to have more forward-thinking stakeholders from industry, government and academic institutions (both in the UK and internationally) join the CSI.